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Yu Sarn Chiew
Yusarn Audrey
Managing partner

Malta Blockchain Yusarn Audrey

Yu Sarn Chiew is the co-managing partner of Yusarn Audrey, a specialised IP law firm based in Singapore. Yu Sarn’s area of practice include corporate and commercial law, intellectual property law, and technology law, with a specific focus on the commercialization of IP.
He advises on ICOs, blockchain- and cryptocurrency-related matters, IP-based mergers and acquisitions and private equity transactions, IP strategic planning and IP governance and policy, and helps his clients enhance their in-house IP management capabilities through training and coaching.

He also advises companies on raising capital and financing using their IP. In recognition of his experience and expertise in the field of IP licensing and commercialization, Yu Sarn was accredited as a Certified Licensing Professional (CLP). Yu Sarn served as the President of Licensing Executives Society (LES) Singapore from 2009 to 2010. He currently co-chairs the LES Asia-Pacific Committee